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Get the Guidance You Need to Overcome Life’s
Various Obstacles

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What I Offer

As a licensed metaphysical minister and counselor, certified tarot and angel card advisor, certified crystal healer, Usui Reiki master, EFT practitioner, and meditation teacher, I specialize in providing online and long-distance energy healing solutions. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Spiritual Advice
  • Tarot Card Reading and Advice
  • Angel Card Reading and Advice
  • Energy Healing
  • Crystal Healing
  • Usui Reiki Energy Healing
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping)
  • Guided Meditation Sessions and Classes for Groups and Individuals

My readings are already more like spiritual advice than the usual tarot fortune telling type of service since they include energy healing with Reiki, emotional freedom techniques, and crystals.

Unlike other spiritual advisors, I also provide energy support to help you solve your problems, gain clarity, and break through your personal obstacles. My method involves energy-based healing practices and meditation techniques. To schedule an appointment, contact me at Crystals angels tarot in Sedona, Arizona today!

Explore My Services:

Psychic Tarot, Angel, Oracle Card, Crystal Readings:    ($2.99/min ea add’l min)


**   First Time Client Intro BOGO$14.95 - 5-Minute Reading    ** **   Plus 5-Free Minutes, Tarot/Angel/Crystal Combo Reading  **


$14.95 - 5 Min: 1 Question, Tarot/Angel/Crystal card reading

$40.00 - 15 Min: 4-5 Cards (Simple questions on relationships, money and life issues, etc)

$75.00 - 30 Min: 4-7 Cards (Multiple questions and problem resolution, goal setting, spiritual path, clarity and direction, career, life, relationships, etc)

$100.00 - 1 Hour: 4-10 Cards (Life/relationship readings, complex problem resolution, past life/karmic clearing and healing, past/future planning and resolution, career, spiritual path etc)

Single Question Reading via Email: $50.00

Spiritual Guidance, Counseling & Energy Healing:

with Reiki, EFT, Crystals and Tarot

  - Managing Life Experience Transitions

  - Clearing Obstacles to Your Business and Personal 


  - Prosperity & Abundance

  - Gaining Clarity & Building Confidence

  - Personal Growth & Development

  30 Minute Session: $90

  1 Hour Session: $150

Guided Meditation Sessions and Classes:

  Individuals & Small Groups: 30 Min Class: $50/pp 

    - (Up to 5 people, One-Time Session)

  Individual 6 Week Pkg, 6 Classes: $200

  Group 6 Week Pkg, 6 Classes: $30/pp/session - $180/pp

    - (When available, requires minimum of 6 students)


Payments, Cancellations and Refunds Policy:

Appointments are scheduled in advance and all payments are made via Paypal at:

Payments must be received at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment or your appointment may be cancelled.

Cancelled appointments can be rescheduled, but no refunds will be made once your payment is received.


Teodora Chausheva, February 2019 - Thank you very much for the reading. I will take it into consideration while planning ahead. I wish you the best of everything! Thank you again.

Feedback Rating: ★★★★★

WRKHRSE22, January, 2019 - Wow…I wasn’t expecting the reading to be so informative. I really like how you depicted the cards meaning and their relation to the question. You went above and beyond in that you included what you saw later this year. I understand what you say about not being involved with someone at work. I just get a sixth sense from her which prompted this reading. Although the news makes me sad, I only want for to be happy. Thank you for being forthright with what you saw. And, thank you for the time and effort.

Feedback Rating: ★★★★★

H-1221, January, 2019 - Great reading! Thank you for your insight!

Feedback Rating: ★★★★☆

MAR-O, January, 2019 - OMGOsh! Over the last few years there were quite a few significant platonic friendship connections that ended, where I felt betrayed and confused thereafter. For the most part, I thought we had years of cultivating a reciprocally supportive and trusting relationship, then the friendship seemed to wane, and suddenly radio silence... sometimes, I would probe and discover they would rather control the friendship over respecting a healthy dynamic of give and take. Getting back into the game is a challenge because I'm a caregiver and my health is not the best. Even though I absolutely used to enjoy socializing. Over the years, I have felt more excluded from private social gatherings and outings because of some unknown criteria...which is a bummer since I am still single. I need more stable friends. I've had enough of attracting passive-aggressive and emotionally needy social butterflies- not that physically attractive. Alas, I'm also living below the poverty line... Very accurate reading mostly, good advice and very hopeful outcome!! Thank you Lyn! All the best in your endearvors!

Feedback Rating: ★★★★★

RA., November, 2018 - Thank you Lyn! I expected this response regarding my ex, he does tend to dominate me and although he recently proposed I turned him down, as I can’t foresee much happiness in a relationship with him, a marriage wouldn’t be any different. Nevertheless, we are still in touch and he calls me daily and checks up on me always. I don’t know about the statement of loving someone he hopes I’d be. In reality, that’s a bit in reverse. Not once in 6 years, he ever asked I’d change anything. But I have repeatedly asked that he works less, spends less time gambling...more with me...that list is pretty long. You are correct, I need to let him go...although selfishly, I enjoy the attention although I know I’d never go back. Hope you are correct about the holidays, promise to let you know!

Feedback Rating: ★★★★★

GEORGE, October, 2018 - Hi Lyn, First of all, I want to thank you from the bottom of my Greek heart for the time and effort you put in order to give me your precious advises. Secondly I really thank you for your kind and detailed answer. Your words are music to my ears! My son is my sole source of happiness and my only purpose in life. He taught me how to love and how to take love back.

I crave to be creative and writing is, by far, the only inclination I surely recognize within me. I will continue to fight for what I love and what I need.

I wish you all the blessings of life and, please, continue to be as helpful and kind as you were with me!

Feedback Rating: ★★★★★

Linda Johnson, September, 2018 – Lyn did a tarot card reading for me and I was surprised how right on the information turned out to be. I hadn't had Tarot done before, I had experience with lots of different modalities of spiritual readings. But never tarot so I was a little apprehensive. I didn't tell her much about my life but I did tell her what was on my mind in regard to my business and what I was worried about. That came up in the cards and more, she explained very well what the cards meant and she was very thorough and patient and spend as much time with me as I needed to understand. I asked questions and made notes and I thought it was very profound on how cards played into the real life drama. Within four months of the reading some of their business things I was worried about resurrected in a way that she said they would. That kind of blew me away. The other thing I love about Lyn is that she is grounded and never intimidating with spiritual jargon that I don't understand or can't relate to. She's just like you and I, but very gifted, caring and experienced.

Feedback Rating: ★★★★★

Connect With Me : [email protected]